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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Adventure

Britt Olson is the owner of Journey Arts.  She taught in the MCPS Public School System for 12 years but couldn't keep her love for Adventure and wanderlust at bay anymore at the age of 33.  She left her career that she built and had loved, acquired 3 camper vans and headed out into the world to bring great Love for Wandering and Art Education together for people of all ages! The team; the Vans, Haven, Kit, and Didi reside on the  West coast, East coast, and everywhere in between!  

Our classes are based on Age Suggestions. You could be an adult and wanting to try out a b

Our Values

All Ages Classes

Childhood Inspiration

Paint and Feast

We at Journey Arts believe in Art being taught not primarily based upon age group, but by skill levels.  Experienced teaching all ages from Adult Painting sessions, to kindergarten learners, to Students with special needs to digital art at middle school levels with animation and photoshop, to high school drawing and painting.  Skills in Art are varied through out ages, and we break teaching down in a way that anyone can follow along,  The courses are divided into 3 different skills levels- Beginner, Medium and Advanced.

If you like a a place or a painting and want to create and pursue it, where there is a will, there is a way to meet your artistic goal!

You can jump around and try different levels, or start with the easy ones, and work your way up through medium and Advanced!

The owner of Journey Arts was in n enrichment group in school as a kid.  This was the class where you were able to do all the fun, hands on studd you didn't get to do in regular classes- they called us 'gifted', but we were all just really quiet and artsy.  Things we did in the group ranged from disecting owl pellots, crreating inventions, building bridges with straws, and putting on a play about river conservation.  But on that really hit home for me was when we had a scavenger hunt in which another group from another school sent us items from their surrounding area.  We had to as a group, try to figure out where they were from and we would send them things about us and where we were from.  We sent them crab mallets and salt water taffy.  They sent us items about their home which ended up being.....

college staton Texas. Food is such a big enrichment of getting to know an area's culture between the smells, to the flavors, to the local game or produce. I want to bring a sense of culture to these art lessons, and why not start with our favorite, food!

The owner of Journey Arts grew up in a tourist town, known for drinking culture and it caught on quick with her and the rest of her family and friends. Eventually feeling like she didn't know what alcohol was adding to her life, she tried to abstain it for a new years resolution at 26 and persisted with that notion for 6 years ever since.  She also taught for a well known paint and sip company , and worked in restaurants for the last 20 years, so this is a way for her to bring her love of the service and food industry, with her love of bringing paint to people, without it centering on alcohol.  

Britt once taught middle school during her 12 year teaching career and a 12 year old student said something about adults drinking.  When she told him she was sober, and that some adults choose not to drink.  He said, "Thanks for telling me that, I have never met anyone who didn't drink.   You're a great role model."  And that alone, gives some motivation to share this part of her story here.

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