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New ReleaseS

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We believe in trying local foods while you travel. Each Course Pairs well with location inspired foods near you! After you click on a course Location, there will be a map of suggested restaurants and menu items to try near you. Eat your meal before, after or while you paint in the comfort of your home!

Paint and Sip is out.Paint and Feast is in.

Bundle Packages

Los Angeles

Pacific Coast Highway

Enjoy 'Traveling up the coast' in Haven the Van.  Paint 10 Spectacular paintings of California's beautiful sunsets, beaches, and cliffs.

Arizona Golden Barrels

Headed West

From the East to the  West Coast from New York City to Chicago to South Dakota, to  Wyoming, Arizona, Utah, and California.  We will paint 10 paintings that range from landscapes to city scenes with both digital and acrylic medums.

Hand Waving Out of Car

Headed South

Start with the Maine Lobsters, head past Boston and New York city, through the Carolinas, New Orleans, and Finally to the Florida Gators! 10 stops and paintings, with lot of fun in between!

Palm Trees

Caribbean Cove

Relax and enjoy the serenity of the calm waters as we paint the beautiful blue oceans, palm trees and sunset skies. Paint 10 unique and calm Caribbean scenes.

The Best education you will ever get is traveling.  Nothing teaches you more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences. 

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